XVI ECP: 02-05-07-2019, Moscow

XVI European Congress of Psychology - 2-5 July, 2019, Moscow, Russia

Symposium "Competences and Education for Clinical Neuropsychologists: experience of the European countries" - Chair: Hokkanen Laura (Finland)

- Clinical Neuropsychology: The Development Of A Training And A Competency Framework. Baker Gus (UK)

- Expert Appraisals From 20 European Countries:

          * Core Competencies Necessary For Clinical Neuropsychology. Persson Bengt (Sweden)

          * The Relevance Of Additional Competencies To Clinical Neuropsychology. Sandra Lettner (Austria)

- Towards A More Harmonized Specialist Education And Training In Europe: Recommendations In Clinical Neuropsychology. Hokkanen Laura (Finland)

General summary of the symposiumSpecialization and training in Clinical Neuropsychology in the European countries is variable. The Standing Committee on Clinical Neuropsychology, appointed by EFPA, has previously collected data on the educational routes to becoming a Clinical Neuropsychologist. Information on the content of the education or the requirements of the profession in Europe is lacking, however. Competency framework within Europe has been established for psychology on the basic level but not within Clinical Neuropsychology as a specialist field. The aims were to compare competency requirements between different countries within Europe and to take steps towards a harmonized specialization in Clinical Neuropsychology. Methods. A series of structured interviews were conducted. The interview was based on the framework of foundational, functional, and additional competencies applied in the United States. The responders were asked to first indicate if each of the competencies are currently required when entering the profession of a Clinical Neuropsychologist in their country, and then to evaluate how important they are. Finally, recommendations regarding education and training of Clinical Neuropsychologists were reviewed. The responders were senior Clinical Neuropsychologists with a longstanding and detailed knowledge about the training procedures of Clinical Neuropsychologists in their country. Two experts from each country were interviewed. Thus far, 20 countries are represented. The symposium will begin with a presentation on the importance of reviewing competencies, education, and training when developing a profession, using UK as a model. The foundational, functional and additional competencies in Clinical Neuropsychology will then be compared across Europe. The fourth presentation will describe the general agreement among the respondents on five recommended principles regarding specialization. Finally, discussion will be open to all participants.