Meeting 14: 23-10-2020, Zoom




23rd october 2020: 14th meeting (Zoom)











Attendee listGus Baker (United Kingdom), Fernando Barbosa (Portugal), Marios Constantinou (Cyprus), Erik Hessen (Norway), Laura Hokkanen (Finland), Erich Kasten (Germany), Eleni Karayianni (EC-Liaison), Mary-Helen Kosmidis (Greece), Sandra Lettner (Austria), Anna Leybina (Project manager of work plan), Sara Mondini (Italy), Tomas Nikolai (Czech Republic), Bengt Persson (Sweden), Amélie Ponchel (France) & Natalya Varako (Russia). 

1. Minutes of the last meeting on June 6th, 2020


2. Role of the corresponding members

See doc. The corresponding members will be contacted. 

3. Message from the EC, Eleni Karayianni 11am, Anna Leybina 11:30 am

Eleni's most pertinent comments: The white paper should be used, it is clear formulated. The PC should be addressed. The advice of Rosaleen McElvaney should be followed. There are two more applicants for a specialist certificate: Community Psychology and School & Educational Psychology. 

Anna most important points: A specialist EuroPsy certificate should be in our targets. It is important for a proposal that it follows the format and is referenced correctly. 

4. Procedure for our proposal/EuroPsy strategy

Discussion based on input from EC members: Eleni Karayianni (liaison to our group), Anna Leybina (responsible for SC work plans) and Rosaleen McElvaney (chair, European Awarding Committee, EFPA) (See doc). 

A list of national (university) training programs and the approximate number of neuropsychologists in each country should be collected. Questions will then be formulated for the representatives of countries and the national representatives should disseminate them. It was noted that we have enough data in our studies and papers, therefore we will reference the published papers and the papers coming out soon. The basic structure of the specialist certificate should be similar to the Psychotherapy and Work & Organizational Psychology. The information should be inserted into the white paper. 

5. SC on CNP 4 papers

          a. Laura, Erik & Bengt: Profession paper

Has been published!


          b. Erich, Fernando & Sandra: Working conditions and role in health care paper

Clinical Psychologist Journal could be an option. 

          c. Mary, Sandra & Marios: Core competencies paper

Work in progress.

A new expert opinion paper about core competencies will be started. 

          d. Bengt, Sandra & Erik: White paper

See doc.

Some minor changes have to be made. 

6. Next meetings

January 15th, 2021: meeting organisation in Porto/via Zoom. 

Fernando will care for the setup of the meeting. 

7. Other

All members of the active group should inform their presidents on the national level.