Meeting 13: 05-06-2020, Zoom



5th june 2020: 13th meeting (Zoom)

Attendee list: Gus Baker (United Kingdom), Fernando Barbosa (Portugal), Marios Constantinou (Cyprus), Erik Hessen (Norway), Laura Hokkanen (Finland), Erich Kasten (Germany), Eleni Karayianni (EC-Liaison), Mary-Helen Kosmidis (Greece), Sandra Lettner (Austria), Sara Mondini (Italy), Tomas Nikolai (Czech Republic), Bengt Persson (Sweden), Amélie Ponchel (France) & Natalya Varako (Russia). 

1. Minutes of the last meeting


2. Role of the corresponding members

A task force for defining the role of corresponding members within our SC will be installed. 

3. Procedure for our proposal/EuroPsy stategy

The EC and the Head of the Specialist European Award Committee should be contacted. 

4. SC on CNP 4 papers

          a. Laura, Erik & Bengt: Profession paper

Should be published in The reviews of Frontiers of Neuropsychology (1st option). 

The 2nd option of a journal could be The Clinical Neuropsychologist (American journal). 

The 3rd option would be the European Psychologist suggested by Fernando. 

          b. Erich, Fernando & Sandra: Working conditions and role in health care paper

Erich informs about the status and the progress of the paper. 

This process should be completed by July 1st, 2020. 

          c. Mary, Sandra & Marios: Core competencies paper

Work in progress.

          d. Bengt, Sandra & Erik: White paper

The plan is to create a short version, in order to inform the members of the GA. References should be included. 

5. Next meetings

Mary will care for the Oct. 23rd, 2020 meeting organisation. August 20th, 2020 decision will be made personnal or zoom. Person will be decided later: will care for the January 15th, 2021 meeting organisation in Porto/via Zoom. 

6. Other

          a. Work plan and the feedback from the EC

Eleni Informs about recent decisions from the EC. 

          b. Neuropsychological certificate

Discussion about the process itself. The aim of the SC on CNP still is to get an European specialist certification.

          c. EFPA dates

Eleni informs as follows: The ECP in Ljubliana was postponed to 2021. The conference of IUPSyS (ICP) will be held in Prague 2021, the GA could be held there also, if the organisers agree. 

          d. National projects

Fernando informs about a multi-centre study addressing long term neurocognitive effects of Covid-19. The members of the SC are very interested in taking part of that project.