Meeting 12: 20-03-2020, Zoom

20th march 2020: 12th meeting (Zoom)

Attendee list: Gus Baker (United Kingdom), Fernando Barbosa (Portugal), Marios Constantinou (Cyprus), Erik Hessen (Norway), Laura Hokkanen (Finland), Erich Kasten (Germany), Eleni Karayianni (EC-Liaison), Mary-Helen Kosmidis (Greece), Sandra Lettner (Austria), Sara Mondini (Italy), Tomas Nikolai (Czech Republic), Bengt Persson (Sweden), Amélie Ponchel (France) & Natalya Varako (Russia).


1. Information about the new Guidelines for EFPA Working Groups 2019 – 2021. Brief: What is expected of SC Neuropsychology and role of the EC liaison (Eleni)

2. Discuss/agree on key elements of the SC work plan with deadline April 17th. Main 2 goals for this year:

          (a) Submitting SC on Clinical Neuropsychology Position Paper arguing for the necessity of a specialty in Clinical Neuropsychology as part of the EuroPsy Specialist model.

          (b) Draft a short proposal for a specialty in Clinical Neuropsychology as part of the EuroPsy Specialist model, for political decision by the General Assembly meeting in 2021. (Deadline?) Responsible for finalizing the work plan: Erik, Sandra, Eleni?

3. Discuss expected procedure for our proposal/work towards a specialization under the EuroPsy model:

          (a) Draft short proposal and get support for our proposal by a national psychological society who formally propose for the GA.
          (b) In addition, support from other relevant bodies, for instance FESN, INS etc.?

4. Discuss progress/responsibilities for the three papers the group currently is working on (position paper, core competencies paper and the work condition paper). Short presentation/discussion of status by the key responsible persons. The role of
“The White paper”, Bengt’s recent initiative.

5. Next meeting(s)

6. Other