Meeting 11: 07-10-2019, Brussels


7th october 2019: 11th meeting (Brussels, Belgium)

Attendee list: Fernando Barbosa (Portugal), Marios Constantinou (Cyprus), Erik Hessen (Norway), Laura Hokkanen (Finland), Erich Kasten (Germany), Mary-Helen Kosmidis (Greece), Sandra Lettner (Austria), Sara Mondini (Italy), Tomas Nikolai (Czech Republic), Bengt Persson (Sweden), Amélie Ponchel (France) & Natalya Varako (Russia).


1. Messages from GA in Moscow
2. News from ECP in Moscow
3. Core Competencies interview data situation and publication plan
4. Roadmap to specialist certification, case: sport psychology
5. Work plan for 2019-2021, dividing responsibilities
6. Meetings for 2019-2021
7. Other items: Infogram, paper on roles in health care