Meeting 09: 22-03-2019, Berlin


22nd march 2019: 9th meeting (Berlin, Germany)

Attendee list: Gus Baker (United Kingdom), Fernando Barbosa (Portugal), Marios Constantinou (Cyprus), Erik Hessen (Norway), Laura Hokkanen (Finland), Erich Kasten (Germany), Robertas Povilaitis (EC-Liaison), Mary-Helen Kosmidis (Greece), Sandra Lettner (Austria), Sara Mondini (Italy), Bengt Persson (Sweden), Amélie Ponchel (France)



1. Report of the EFPA convenors' meeting in Dec. 2018 (see document)
2. Workspace APP: recommendation by EFPA
3. General Assembly (GA) report for Moscow (see document):
          a. review of the past period 2017-2019
          b. our proposals for the next period 2020-2021
4. Interview on Core Competencies: current situation (missing interviews), analysis strategies, publication plan (see attachement)
5. ECP in Moscow, presenters check and review of the presentations (see document)
6. Paper on Role in Health Care
7. Infographic based on the findings of the first study
8. Organisation of the next meetings