Introduction & Definition

In July 2015, EFPA established a Task Force on Clinical Neuropsychology (decision General Assembly in July 2015 in Milano, Italy) for the period 2015-2017.

The tasks were to analyse the situation of the field of clinical neuropsychology in Europe, to collect information on the current situation on the specialization training within clinical neuropsychology in the different countries of Europe - both in the universities and in the clinical practice, to collect information on the legal and professional status of clinical neuropsychologists within the profession of psychologists in different European countries, to present the information and best examples to the EFPA Member Associations and to make recommendations as how the specialization training in neuropsychology can and/or should be developed in the future.

The report with recommendations was presented to the EFPA General Assembly in July 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With the decision of the General Assembly, the Task Force was transferred into the Standing committee on Clinical Neuropsychology to be a permanent body of EFPA.